50 of the Top Interior Designers in Ireland and the UK

For a house to become a home, it should embody who you are. Like an artist who captures the essence of the subject matter and transposes it on canvas, a good Interior Designer uses design principles to turn an empty space into a beautiful and functional area that meets the personal style and needs of the home owner.

Experience and expertise are great but these attributes are not enough to choose the best Interior Designer for your home. You should find one that fits your personality.

By reading through the Interior Designer’s biographies below and visiting their websites, you’re sure to find the right designer who’s background, designs and philosophies resonate with you.

Interior Designers Ireland UK

From furniture to flooring, colours to curtains, carpets and decor to decorating, having the right Interior Designer for your residential or commercial project is key to having the transformation you’re hoping for.

With this in mind… it was an enormous challenge but we’ve compiled a list of 50 of the best Interior Designers in Ireland and the UK.

Take the time to read through their credentials, accomplishments, and assess the designs they have done for their clients. Finally, visit their blogs. Find out what Interior Design means to them and how they approach their profession.

Let’s start with the best interior designers from Ireland…

Jackie Carton

Jackie Carton Interiors

Jackie Carton is the founder and Creative Director for Carton Interiors. She has been a professional interior architect for more than 10 years with a style preference that traverses both classical and modern schools of design.

Jackie uses her knowledge in graphics and art publishing to conceptualize designs that best capture the personality of the home owners. To ensure that her vision comes to fruition, Jackie takes a meticulous approach to the creative process. She closely collaborates with the architects and contractors assigned to the project from start to finish.

The design industry considers Jackie a valuable resource. She has been invited as a speaker in various design shows and expos. Jackie is a regular contributor to numerous design publications and has appeared as a competitor in the TV show, “Showhouse Showdown” where her designs won in 4 categories.

In 2019, Jackie received the “Best of Houzz for Both Design and Service” award from Houzz.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Deirdre Coleman

Deirdre Coleman Interior Designer
Deirdre Coleman

After graduating from the prestigious KLC School of Design in London in 2006, Deirdre Coleman spent the next 8 years honing her interior design skills at the opulent area of Notting Hill.

In 2014, Deirdre returned to her native Dublin, Ireland and started her own Interior Design firm, Fabric Space.

With her experience in residential and commercial design and in-depth knowledge of project management, Deirdre wants to make sure her designs are the best representations of her clients’ wants and needs.

Fabric Space has designed and built interiors for various projects including single rooms, basement and loft conversions, and brand new structures.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Arlene McIntyre

Arlene McIntyre Ventura Design
Arlene McIntyre

Arlene McIntyre started Ventura Design in 2005. Over the last decade, Ventura Design has grown to become one of the most successful design firms in Dublin Ireland.

Arlene’s career had inauspicious beginnings. Her first job was a furniture agent in Ireland. The experience allowed her to build an impressive list of contacts one of whom gave Arlene her first project in interior design.

Today, Ventura Design employs 50 people including designers, artisans, and craftsmen. The company has 2 showrooms in Dublin and 1 in Kinsale. A few of Arlene’s notable interior design projects include 2 heritage cottages of the Adare Manor and a section of the luxurious Luttrellstown Castle.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Sara Thompson

Sara Thompson of Thompson Clarke

Sara Thompson is one of the most acclaimed interior designers in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With her business partner and fellow interior designer, Lindy Clark, Sara established Thompson Clarke Interiors in 2013.

Before she became an Interior Designer, Sara was a curator for Adam’s Auctioneers and the Ava Gallery. Her exposure to the more intricate side of design motivated Sara to change career paths from the art world to the world of interior design.

Thompson Clarke specialises in residential interiors. The company handles single room projects to whole houses. In addition to design, Thompson Clarke also sells elegant furniture and offers upholstery services.

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Cathy Egan

Cathy Egan Interiors

Cathy Egan is the founder of Egan Interiors. She is a well-experienced Interior Designer with over 18 years of experience. Cathy takes a highly-personalized approach to design and endeavours to capture the personality of her client in her interiors.

A renowned and respected Interior Designer in Ashbourne, Ireland, Cathy’s designs have made the television rounds. Her design was featured and won recognition in the popular television show, Showhouse.

The strengths of Egan Interiors do not only rest on Cathy’s expertise in Interior Design. The company has established associations with the best suppliers of lighting, furniture, and fabric providing clients with top quality materials at reasonable prices.

Location: Ashbourne, Ireland

Ruth Kennelly

Ruth Kelly Interior Designer

Ruth Kennelly is the founder of RK Designs which is the culmination of her more than 10 years of experience as an Interior Designer. After receiving her B.A. International degree from the University College Dublin, Ruth studied Interior Design from the prestigious Rhodec International.

To shore up her skills in design and expand her overall proposition, Ruth also took up courses in fine art and antiques at the Professional Institute of Irish Auctioneers and Valuers.

Before she became an Interior Designer, Ruth worked in International Project Management for British Steel. When she is not designing homes, Ruth writes about Interior Design as a contributor in various publications.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Suzie McAdam

Suzie McAdam Interior Design
Suzie McAdam

Suzie McAdam founded her namesake design company in 2011. Before she became an Interior Designer, Suzie was studying to become an Architect. As a child, she would draw houses in the back of her school books. As it turned out, her passion for houses were rooted in an innate desire to design rooms than complete structures.

Suzie has won several awards for Interior Design and blogging. In 2017, she was among those chosen for the Image Creative Businesswoman of the Year, Young Designer of the Year, and Design Practice of the Year at the Fit-Out awards. In the field of blogging, Suzie was chosen Image Publications Design Blogger of the Year.

The Suzie McAdam Design has designed the interiors of many high-end residential homes and commercial office spaces. The company also has the unique proposition of restoring properties that represent Georgian and Victorian styles of design.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Helen Turkington

Helen Turkington Interior Designer
Helen Turkington

For more than 20 years, Helen Turkington and her firm have been helping people reinvigorate their homes with designs that best capture the owners’ personalities, needs, and respective budgets.

Helen was deeply involved in the family’s interior design business. At an early age, Helen knew the business from the ground up. She learned how to interact with customers the importance of maximising budgets while conceptualising the best design concepts for every home.

After working for an Irish textile company where she developed an appreciation for top-quality fabric, she co-founded the Fabrics Company with her father. Helen opened her first Interior Design office in Ranelagh that is supported by a showroom in Stillorgan.

Location: Ranelagh, Ireland

Aurora Aleson

Aurora Aleson Interior Designer

Aurora Aleson is a multi-awarded Interior Designer with more than 25 years of experience designing homes and constructing spaces that are tailored to fit the personality of her clients.

In 1986, Aurora founded her design business. Since then, the company has built a sterling reputation for manifesting the vision and functional requirements of clients into simple yet classical design.

Aurora’s designs were featured in the distinguished Andrew Martin Year Design Review in 2007 and received citations from the Interior Design Diploma Rhodec International in 1985.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Jane Higgins

Jane Higgins Interior Designer
Jane Higgins

With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge as a Home Design Consultant, Jane Higgins has shared her holistic approach in design to clients who wanted to maximise the potential of their home or office space.

In addition, Jane designs furniture for the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. She has designed bathrooms, office spaces, and alcove units. Prior to starting her Jane Higgins Design, she worked as an Interior Designer for companies in Dublin, New York, Paris, and Australia.

Jane is an honours-graduate from the prestigious DIT, College of Marketing and Design in Dublin. She also completed her studies in Environmental/Spatial Design and has acquired an honours diploma in Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations from the Dublin Business School.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Lana Dullaghan

Lana Dullaghan Interior Designer
Lana Dullaghan

Lana Dullaghan is the founder and Creative Director of Lana Dullaghan Designs. The company has won several awards in Interior Design including the 2019 Global Business Insight Award for Most Trusted in Interior Design Services, the 201 8 Real Estate & Property Award for Best Full-Service Interior Design Firm, and the Best of Houzz service award in 2019.

Lana’s approach to interior design is to combine her technical expertise with her understanding of the client’s personal needs and vision for the available space. Lana attends to all of her projects with the same unbridled passion and enthusiasm to create designs that are unique for every client.

Location: Dundalk, Ireland.

“I believe that interior design is an art and there are no rules in art”. Lana Dullaghan.

Gordon Annan

Gordon Annan Interior Designer
Gordon Annan

Gordon Annan is the founder of Annan Interiors. He graduated from the highly-acclaimed Belfast College of Art & Design with a degree in Interior Design. Gordon describes his style in Interior Design as “purist”.

The showroom of Annan Interiors in Enniskillen has attracted interest from home owners and businesses that prefer a modern approach to Interior Design. The company has grown to become one of the most popular design agencies throughout Ireland and Europe.

Location: Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Paula Nolan Keogh

Paula Nolan Keogh

Paula Nolan Keogh is the founder of Wildthings which has been designing spaces in Dublin, Ireland for more than 20 years.

Paula focuses on the design aspect of colour as the primary medium for establishing the mood of a particular area in the home of office. She believes that finding the ideal balance between combination, amounts, and hues of colour is the secret of her company’s success with clients.

Wildthings has provided their design services for rental fit-outs, private homes, showhomes, stud farms, nursing homes, and boutique hotels. The company has won 5 “Best of Houzz” awards from 2015 to 2019.

Paula actively blogs on the Wildthings website. The website currently ranks number 1 for search results on the topic of Interior Design.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Diana Molohan

Diana Molohan MKOD
Diana Molohan

Diana Molohan’s first 7 years of professional experience involved working as an Interior Designer and then in the real estate industry. Eventually, Diana joined the Irish Landmark Trust. The ILT is an organisation that works to save and restore historic landmarks to achieve new splendour.

In 2015, Diana founded her company My Kind Of Design with partners John and Cathy Molohan. My Kind Of Design quickly rose to prominence with clients throughout Ireland and has made inroads in Germany.

Diana used her experience in the real estate industry to expand My Kind Of Design’s service offerings. In addition to Interior Design and Fit-Outs, My Kind Of Design offers staging services for clients who want to present their homes in the most marketable way and maximise selling opportunities.

Location: Dublin, Ireland.

“At My Kind of Design, our unique blend of knowledge and backgrounds ensures that we are finely attuned what our clients want and need from our services.

Each and every design and brief is different, because I believe that my job is to create a space / a home, that reflects each individual clients personality and requirements.

We also absolutely love, and are utterly passionate about what we do and the transformations we can achieve.” Diana Molohan.

Caroline Flannery

Caroline Flannery

Caroline Flannery is one of the most in-demand interior designers in Ireland. She has been practicing and honing her craft for the past 20 years providing interior design services in various countries such as Germany, Holland, the U.K., and Spain.

A graduate of the prestigious DIT with a degree in Interior and Furniture Design, Caroline also acquired academic credentials from the RHODEC Design School.

Caroline has appeared in numerous TV and radio shows such as House & Home, TV 3: Ireland AM, and News Talk: Pat Kenny Show. She has also been interviewed in publications as Ireland’s Homes Interiors & Living, The Irish Times, Irish Independent, and The Journal.ie.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Colette Lenehan

Colette Lenehan Interior Designer
Colette Lenehan

Colette Lenehan is the Interior Designer of Neptune by Global Village, a company she co-founded with husband Martin Lenehan. For 30 years, Neptune by Global Village has been providing interior design services and selling furniture collected from far-off countries such as North Africa, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Previously, the company was named Global Village. Then in 2008, Colette and Martin decided to partner up with Neptune, a U.K-based company to include kitchens in their product list. Global Village became Neptune by Global Village.

The partnership was a profitable one as Neptune by Global Village quickly opened 2 showrooms in Limmage and Powerscourt. Presently, the company offers homeowners a fine selection of equipment and fixtures for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and garden.

Buyers have the advantage of having Colette and her other interior designers render professional advice on which equipment and furniture will complement their homes.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Kris Turnbull

Kris Turnbull Interior Designer Ireland
Kris Turnbull

Kris Turnbull is one of the most in-demand interior designers in Ireland. A graduate of Interior Design and Architecture, Kris’ approach to design was influenced by different art styles: graphic design from his dad, music from his mom, and floral arrangement from his grandmother.

Kris attempts to match the modern lifestyle with classical textiles when determining the composition of colour, style, and texture of space. He believes that modern interior design techniques are more influenced by ethnical tastes from the Middle East, North America, and Asia.

Kris’ company Kris Turnbull Studios has handled projects for various clients from Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Kris considers his completion of a 20,000 square foot summer residence for The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia as his biggest accomplishment so far.

Location: Belfast, North Ireland

“Every project we design reflects our clients personality and signature style. The combination of fabrics and furnishings is determined by their lifestyle and ultimately the ambience we create is a reflection of their individuality. The diversity of our clients tastes and desires and the projects we work on is just so exciting and why we love what we do!” Kris Turnbull.

Anne Marie McCarthy

Anne Marie Mccarthy Interior Designer

After getting her degree in Interior Architecture, Anne Marie McCarthy worked for 2 years at Coughlan Dekeyser Architects. During this time, Anne Marie built up her knowledge and understanding on how to combine Interior Design with Interior Architecture from the initial concept to completion of the project.

2 years later in 2009, at the height of the recession, Anne Marie started her own design firm, MAC Interior Design. For the past 10 years, Anne Marie and her team of interior designers and creative planners have turned dream homes into reality.

Location: Cork, Ireland

Michael McKervey

Michael Mckervey Interior Designer Ireland

Michael McKervey is the Design Director of Fresh Interiors. Michael brings onboard Fresh Interiors more than 20 years of experience as an Interior Architect. His experience covers rendering design and Interior Architectural work for projects located throughout Ireland.

Under Michael’s leadership and creative directorship, Fresh Interiors has grown to become a multi-awarded design agency. Fresh Interiors won 2 awards at the No: Design Awards in 2017 and an award for shop-fitting from the NAS Design Awards in 2019.

Location: County Down, Ireland

Aidan Cavey

Aidan Cavey Interior Designer

Aidan Cavey has been one of the leading interior designers in Ireland. He has put together a portfolio of clientele that covers projects for both residential and commercial spaces.

Among his renowned commercial projects include The Merrion Hotel, Carton House, Appleby Jewellers, The K Club, Riverdance, Mount Juliet Estate, and the residence of the German Embassy.

Aidan designed the Penthouse suite at The Merrion Hotel when it first opened in 1997. The hotel commissioned Aidan to re-design the suite in 2014. To maintain the look and feel of a traditional home for the hotel’s guests, Aidan combined Irish materials with various fabrics from around the world.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Costa Alonso

Costa Alonso Interior Design

Interior Design is not just Costa Alonso’s career. It’s her calling. Costa left the I.T. industry to follow her passion in creating beautiful and functional spaces for people to live in.

Costa completed her studies in Interior Design from the acclaimed Dublin Institute of Technology. She honed her knowledge in design and creativity by working for several of the most reputable and respected Interior Design agencies in Dublin.

From design team member, Costa quickly rose through the ranks and became the Lead Interior Design Consultant in charge of residential and commercial projects. The experience motivated Costa to start Costa Interior Design in 2015.

Costa has acquired a Graduate Membership from the Interiors Association of Ireland (IA) and the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI).

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Gwen Kenny

Gwen Kenny

Gwen Kenny is the lead Interior Designer of Divine Design. Gwen has more than 25 years of experience as an Interior Designer and has a Masters in Professional Design Practice.

Gwen has won several awards and received various recognitions in the Interior Design industry. Clients love Gwen for her meticulous approach and her desire to stay updated on the latest innovations that push the boundaries of possibilities in Interior Design.

When not designing spaces, Gwen shares her knowledge as a lecturer in the subject of Interior Architecture and Design at Griffith College Dublin.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Cian Corcoran and Ahmed Fakhry

Cian Corcoran Ahmad Fakhry Design Goat
Cian Corcoran and Ahmad Fakhry

Cian Corcoran and Ahmad Fakhry grew up from different parts of the world but found each other because of their love for Interior Design. Cian was born and raised in Dublin while Ahmad came over to Dublin from Abu Dhabi.

Cian and Ahmad met at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, graduated with a degree in Industrial Design and realised they could work together on design projects.

In 2011, Cian and Ahmad put up their own Interior Design business called Design Goat. The multi-award winning duo has created beautiful and inspiring interiors for cafés, restaurants, retail stores, office and residential spaces.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Helen Kilmartin

Helen Kilmartin Interior Design
Helen Kilmartin

Helen Kilmartin started Minima in 1996. The agency began as a consultant in interior design and as the retailer for many leading brands in lighting, home accessories, and furniture.

The agency counts the following companies as its clients: BNP Paribas, Lingus, Mastercard, Google, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Morgan McKinley, Shell Oil, Tullow Oil & Viseum, and Oslo Beauty to name a few.

Helen took an unusual path toward a career in Interior Design – one that started in the world of high fashion with dress designer John Hegarty.

During her time with Hegarty, Helen travelled to the world’s top fashion cities such as Paris and Milan. Hegarty taught her all about fabrics but Helen was beginning to develop an eye for architecture and interior design.

After she opened Minima, her architect Ross Cahill O’Brien encouraged her to study Interior Design. Helen had already taken to Interior Design like fish to water and was greatly inspired by the works of Francis Bacon, Antonio Citterio, and Zanusso.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Eoin Lyons

Eoin Lyons Interior Designer
Eoin Lyons

Interior Designer Eoin Lyons and Architect John Kelly founded Lyons Kelly in 2014. The agency provides both interior design and architectural services for residential clients.

Lyons Kelly has designed homes in Adelaide, The Orangery, Seapoint, Wellington, and Northbrook to name a few places.

Eoin Lyons wears many hats. Interior Designer is just one of them. Eoin is also an author and a journalist. After completing his studies in graphic design, Eoin found his first job writing for the prestigious The Irish Times.

Eoin has had his articles published in Image Interiors, House & Garden UK, The Sunday Times Style, and Living ETC.

As an author, Eoin has written 2 bestselling books about Interior Design – “Style Source Ireland” and “Home Comforts”.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Interior Designers And Bloggers In The UK

The United Kingdom is also home to several of the world’s best Interior Designers. Some of them share their experiences and knowledge through the medium of blogging. Let’s take a look at some of the best Interior Designers that the UK has to offer.

Joanna Thornhill

Joanna Thornhill Interior Designer
Joanna Thornhill

Joanna Thornhill is a noted Interior Stylist, author, and Blogger in the United Kingdom. She has acquired 15 years of experience in the industry starting out as an assistant Interior Designer before moving on to other projects.

Joanna’s specialisations include lifestyle styling, prop/craft production, still life, feature writing, and trend forecasting. Her list of clientele includes Country Homes & Interiors, Good Homes, HomeSense/TK Maxx, Tesco, Dulux, and WGSN-Lifestyle.

Joanna has authored 3 books, “My Bedroom Is An Office”, “Home For Now”, and “Insta Style For Your Living Space”.

Location: United Kingdom

Maxine Brady

Maxine Brady Interior Designer

Photo Credit: Stropshire Design

Maxine Brady

Maxine Brady has more than 20 years of experience as an Interior Stylist. Her specialisation includes commercial and residential interiors, lifestyle design, and set and prop design.

Maxine is also an accomplished and renowned photographer and blogger. Her clientele list spans the globe – London, New York, Middle East, Cape Town, Australia, and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, she hosts an award-winning blog, WeLoveHome, and has more than 40,000 followers in her social media pages.

Location: Brighton, United Kingdom.

“I adore my job as a interiors stylist. I’ve styled covers for every leading interior titles – and my job has taken me me to some far flung places around the world. Creatively, I love working closely with brand to help them visually transform themselves.” Maxine Brady.

Beata Heuman

Beata Heuman founded her Interior Design company, Beata Heuman Ltd in 2013. Prior to starting the studio, Beata worked for renowned Interior Designer Nicky Haslam at NH Design for 9 years.

The experience helped Beata hone her skills in Interior Design and have a better understanding on how to merge her knowledge with her influences in style. Born in Sweden, Beata’s Scandinavian heritage is evident in her designs and curation of fabrics and furniture.

Beata draws her inspiration from past and present styles of Interior Architecture. Her intent is to create designs that best embody the client’s personality while enhancing their way of living.

Beata is a BIID-registered Interior Designer and has received several accolades throughout her career. These citations include “A-List Interior Designer” from Elle Magazine, “50 Finest UK Interior Designers” from Country & Townhouse UK, “Top 100 U.K. Designers” from House & Garden UK, and “Top 20 Interior Designers of Note” from House & Garden UK”.

Location: London, UK

Ben Pentreath

Ben Pentreath Interior Designer
Ben Pentreath

Ben Pentreath’s road to becoming one of the foremost Interior Designers in the U.K started in Art History which he majored at the University of Edinburgh. From there, Ben studied Interior Architecture at the Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture.

In 2004, Ben founded his own Interior Design studio which has grown into 2 locations in Bloomsbury’s Lambs Conduit Street. Ben has opened 2 offices at the Lamp Office Court. Ben specialises in master-planning and urban development and accepts projects for private homes, commercial and residential interior spaces.

Ben is also an author. He was written 2 books on Interior Design – “English Decoration” in 2011, “English Houses” in 2016, and is presently working on a third one “An English Eye” which will be published by Rizzoli New York in 2020.

Location: London, UK

Shayne Brady and Emily Willams

Shayne Brady and Emily Williams
Shayne Brady and Emily Williams

Shayne Brady and Emily Williams co-founded BradyWilliams in 2013. The pair met while working for the international design agency, RPW Design which specialised in designing hotels.

Shayne graduated with a degree in Interior Design at the highly-acclaimed Dublin Institute of Technology. After working for 2 years in an architectural firm as a Junior Interior Designer, Shayne moved to the United Kingdom. Emily was studying French before deciding on a career change. She trained at Kensington then pursued her degree in Interior Design at Chelsea College.

Among the duo’s most renowned projects were the apartments at The Corniche and the Hempel Gardens. They also handled a few restaurants namely XU, Brigadiers, and the Café Wolseley. BradyWilliams was awarded the contract to design the interiors for the public areas and the guest rooms at the Hotel Alex in Zurich.

Shayne Brady and Emily Williams have been featured in a number of design publications such as Interior Style Hunter, Wall Mirrors, The Times, House & Garden, and Interior Design Magazine to name a few.

Location: London, UK

Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey

Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey started out as writers and editors of a culture publication before deciding to transfer their creativity toward the field of Interior Design. After 10 years of working together, the pair decided to start their own Interior Design studio, Campbell-Rey.

Campell-Rey has done art direction and interior design for high-profile clients such as Bulgari, Bentley Motors, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Christie’s, Kent Guest House, Rocco Forte Hotels, and Kitri.

Duncan and Charlotte have received high praise from well-respected publications Vogue, Wallpaper, and Architectural Digest. Their design style is influenced by the lifestyle in Italy – elegant and sophisticated with a bit of playfulness and charm.

Location: London, UK

Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti

Carden Cunietti Interior Designers

Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti’s chance meeting at a London antique fair was the seed that grew from a store selling accessories and fittings to a highly-succcessful Interior Design studio, Carden Cunietti.

Audrey is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design. Both Audrey and Eleanora are BIID Registered Interior Designers. The pair’s brilliance in Interior Design did not go unnoticed by the major publications such as Vogue, Home & Garden, and Elle Decoration.

Audrey and Eleanora were cited by the illustrious publication, House and Garden among the Top 100 British Interior Designers.

Carden Cunietti have shared their creative genius as Interior Designers with clients all over the world. They have handled projects in Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Location: London, UK

Noor Charchafchi

Noor Charchafchi Interior Designer
Noor Charchafchi

Noor Charchafchi was an aviation finance lawyer when the Interior Design bug bit her while working on a few interior design projects with her husband. In 2014, she established Celine Estates which has grown to become a leading Interior Design studio in the UK and has built an impressive global presence.

Noor’s tireless work commitment and creative design genius have led to Celine Estate winning various awards and citations from the most respected organizations and publications in Interior Design.

Among the awards won by Noor and Celine Estate include “Great British Brands” and “Top 50 U.K Interior Designers” from Country & Townhouse, and the International Design and Architecture award. Celine Estate was also shortlisted in the Residential GBP2.5 – 5 Million Award and the Bedroom Award.

Location: London, UK

Chester Jones

Chester Jones Interior Designer
Chester Jones

Chester Jones opened the doors to his namesake Interior Design studio more than 20 years ago. Today, the Chester Jones studio is run by his sons Ben and Toby, both Interior Designers, who have continued their father’s low-key approach to creative design.

Before starting his studio, Chester was an architect and Managing Director for Sibyl, Colefax & John Fowler. Chester’s designs are identified by his preference for using hand-polished furniture, blackened steel, and cracked ebony which are a result of his French influences.

Chester’s work has been featured in various publications such as the Sunday Telegraph, Alto, House & Garden, Homes and Garden, and Sotheby’s. He has also authored a book, “The Interiors of Chester Jones.” The studio has taken on design projects in the United States, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, and Japan.

Location: London, UK

Anthony Collett and Andrzej Zarzycki

Anthony Collettt and Andrzej Zarzycki

Anthony Collett was a student of sculpture at Cape Town University and studied Interior Design at London’s Hornsey College of Art. Anthony acquired a Master’s degree in Environmental Design in 1979. He spent many years honing his design skills with the renowned Interior Designer, John Stefanidis.

Andrzej Zarzycki was educated in the United Kingdom. He studied Engineering at Reading then took up Three Dimensional Design at Buckingham College. Andrzej started his career in Interior Design at Blissett Macdonald Architects in 1985.

Anthony and Andrzej founded Collett-Zarzycki in 1988. Their approach to Interior design combines the classic with contemporary aesthetic. Among their acclaimed projects were the Algarve Villa in Portugal, the Golf Clubhouse at the Grove, and the Hotel Schneider in Austria.

Location: London, UK

Simon Rawlings

Simon Rawlings, David Collins Studio
Simon Rawlings

Simon Rawlings is the Creative Director for the highly-successful and multi-awarded Interior Design company, David Collins Studio. The work of the David Collins Studio has been featured in several influential publications such as Wellness, Designer Trends, Living ETC, and the Interior Style Hunter to name a few.

Simon acquired his BA and Master’s degree in Interior Design at Birmingham City University. After graduation, Simon wrote to many Interior Design studios for career opportunities and was most impressed with David Collins.

Under Simon’s guidance, the studio’s landmark projects included the Roux at the Landau, Kerridge’s Bar & Grill, Harrod’s Fresh Market Hall, the Carriage House restaurant in Ireland, and the Men’s Superbrands fashion space.

Simon has handled the Interior Design requirements of pop superstar Madonna, the retail stores of Alexander McQueen, and Jimmy Choo, as well as The Wolseley at the Mayfair.

Location: London, UK

Douglas Mackie

Douglas Mackie Interior Designer

Douglas Mackie was a professional Architect who completed his studies in Architecture at the prestigious Cambridge University. He practiced his craft in New York where the Upper East Side apartments inspired him to change course and become an Interior Designer.

Douglas spent 3 years learning and developing his design skills and creativity at Tessa Kennedy. In 1995, Douglas opened his own studio, Douglas Mackie Design in London. House & Garden included Douglas in its list of top 100 Interior Designers in the United Kingdom.

Location: London, UK

Charu Gandhi

Charu Gandhi
Charu Ghandi

Charu Gandhi channelled her experience, creativity, and passion for Interior Design into Elicyon which she established in 2014. As the founder and chief architect for Interior Design, Charu takes a personalized, hands-on approach to design. She is committed to turning her clients’ vision into reality.

Charu is registered Architect with the RIBA and ARB. Not only did Charu study at the Architectural Association, she also taught there. After her teaching stint, Charu worked at the London offices of Allies & Morrison Architects in 2006.

In 2011, Charu joined the Candy & Candy group where she was asked to manage the company’s international portfolio of commissions. The job required her to oversee the development of the company’s projects that involved design of private homes and exclusive vials all over India, Africa, and along One Hyde Park.

Charu and Elicyon’s projects have been featured in well-respected publications such as Country & Townhouse, Country & Town Interiors, The London Magazine, Lux Deco, The Times, and Artemest.

Location: London, UK

Fiona Barratt-Campbell

Fiona Barratt Interiors
Fiona Barratt Campbell

Fiona Barratt-Campbell’s first client was no less than the iconic Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group of Companies. Sir Richard Branson asked Fiona and her company, Fiona Barratt Interiors which she founded in 2006, to design his ski chalet in Verbier.

Fiona is recognized all over the world as one of the best Interior Designers in the industry. She has won awards from several organisations including Walpole, Wallpaper, Homes & Gardens, House & Garden, Country & Townhouse, Andrew Martin, and was a finalist in the 2018 SBID International Design Awards.

Other than Sir Richard Branson’s ski chalet, Fiona’s notable project include the Savoy Hotel, Holiday House, the Palace Gate at Kensington, the Riverwalk at Westminster, and the Crown Estate at Saint James.

Location: London, UK

Fran Hickman

Fran Hickman

Fran Hickman is a multi-awarded Interior Designer and the founder of Fran Hickman Interiors & Design studio which she founded in 2014. Fran and her studio have handled design projects for clients located in London, Dubai, Tokyo, and New York.

Before founding her Interior Design studio, Fran worked for the Soho House Group and then for Waldo Works where she was part of the F & B and retail design teams.

Among the accolades she received in the world of Interior Design included the House & Garden Top 100 Interior Designer award in 2019, Country & Townhouse Top 50 Interior Designer in 2019, and the Elle Decoration British Interior Designer of the Year award in 2019.

Location: London, UK

Nicola Harding and Orla Read

Harding and Read Interior Design

As a child, Nicola Harding and her family moved 36 times because her father was in the military. It was during her transitions in domestic life that she developed an eye and a passion for furniture and Interior Design as her parents picked out items from a warehouse to adorn their new home.

In 2007, Nicola founded Harding & Read, an Interior and Garden Design studio with her partner, Orla Read. 11 years later, Harding & Read was cited as one of the Top 100 Interior Designers in 2018 by the highly-respected publication, House & Garden.

Harding & Read’s projects have been featured in a number of influential publications in Interior Design. These publications include Elle Decoration, Living ETC, House & Garden, Architectural Digest, The Times, and Country Life.

Location: London, UK

Jo Hamilton

Jo Hamilton Interior Designer
Jo Hamilton

Jo Hamilton is one of the most successful and in-demand Interior Designers in the United Kingdom. No less that former U.K Prime Minister David Cameron recognized Jo’s work in the field of Interior Design and extended a dinner invitation at 10 Downing Street with other successful entrepreneurs.

Jo is the Creative Director of Jo Hamilton Interiors, a studio she founded in 1995. The scope of her studio’s projects is not limited to the United Kingdom. Jo has handled Interior Design projects in New York, Miami, Geneva, and Dubai.

Jo shares her creative genius with both commercial and residential clients. Her projects include city apartments, country retreat homes, bars, coffee shops, offices, restaurants, and hotels.

In addition to her Interior Design work, Jo is also the Show Ambassador and Key Speaker for Interior Design for House Ireland and Index Dubai. For a long time, Jo was the Show Ambassador and Key Speaker for Grand Designs Live.

Jo has written about Interior Design in several popular publications such as The Independent, The Times, BBC, Metro, Daily Telegraph, and Irish Independent.

Location: London, UK

Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley Interior Designer

Katharine Pooley founded her Interior Design studio more than 15 years ago and she has grown to become one of the most sought-after Interior Designers not just in the United Kingdom – but in the world! She has been approached by some of the biggest celebrities in the world – from pop star Janet Jackson to Middle Eastern royalty and a few F1 racing stars.

A frequent traveler, Katharine has visited more than 150 countries. In addition to gaining international influences in her approach to Interior Design, she has climbed some of the world’s most iconic mountains and has done the dog sled run in Alaska.

Katharine has showcased her experience and expertise in Interior Design all over the world. She has completed design projects for clients in Hong Kong, Cannes, Kuwait, and Washington.

Katharine is also a blogger and an author. She wrote a book “Journey By Design” which chronicles her experiences during her travels and how different cultures have influenced her approach to design work.

Location: London, UK

Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen Interior Design
Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen is a multi-awarded Interior Designer and the founder of her studio which is a culmination of her almost 40 years of experience in the industry.

Among the awards Kelly has won include the Andrew Martin Interior Design Award in 1996, European Woman of Achievement in 2007, the Elle Decoration Award, and the Grazia Designer of the Year in 2007.

Her highest point came in 2009 when she was bestowed an MBE for her services in the field of Interior Design.

Kelly is also the proprietor and founder of the Kelly Hoppen Design School and is a regular on the BBC2 series, “Dragon’s Den” where she helps other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Her studio handles a wide variety of projects from residential homes, to hotels, restaurants, and offices to yachts, airlines, and jets.

As an author, Kelly has written 8 books on Interior Design.

Location: London, UK

David Linley

David Linley founded Linley in 1985. The company started as a business designing furniture and has grown to become one of the most prominent Interior Design studios in the United Kingdom. Linley’s projects include posh luxury homes and commercial spaces throughout London, Moscow, Oslo, and Sweden.

David has written several books on Interior Design and Furniture Making. Among these books are “Classical Furniture”, “Extraordinary Furniture”, and “Design and Detail in the Home”.

In 2006, David was asked to be the Honorary Chairman for Christie’s Europe, Middle East, India, and Russia.

Location: London, UK

Martin Hulbert

Martin Hulbert Design
Martin Hulbert

Martin Hulbert is an award-winning Interior Designer in the United Kingdom. He received the Pineapple Achievement Award from House & Garden in 2011 for his work in designing hotels. Martin won the prestigious “Interior Designer of the Year” award twice.

In 2010, Martin Hulbert and his friend Jay Grierson established Martin Hulbert Design which was included in Hose & Garden’s list of Top 100 Interior Designers. Both Martin and Jay won the Interior Designer of the Year Award for their work on the Treehouse Suites at Chewton Glen.

Martin Hulbert Design has an impressive clientele which includes the Grove Hotel, Coworth Park for the Dorchester Collection, the Dorcester Spa, the Trehouse Suites, Barnsley House, and the Cliveden Terrace Dining Room & Spring Cottage.

Location: London, UK

Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp Design
Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp is the founder of Martin Kemp Design which he established in 2012. Prior to starting his namesake studio, Martin was the Creative Director of Candy & Candy.

Martin Kemp Design is focused on providing design services for high-end clientele and the premium residential markets. The company has done design work for interiors, developments, yachts, cars, private jets, furniture, and architecture.

Martin received his degree in Interior Design from the Welsh School of Art & Design in Cardiff. From there, he took another year to study at the L’Ecole des Beaux Art Decoratif at Strasbourg.

In addition to his tenure at Candy & Candy, Martin also worked at Virgile & Stone and Rodney Fitch in London.

Location: London, UK

Natalia Miyar

Natalia Miyar Interior Design
Natalia Miyar

Natalia Miyar was included by the highly-respected publication House & Garden in its list of Top 100 Interior Designers. She is an Architect and Interior Designer and the founder of Natalia Miyar Atelier.

Natalia initially studied the History of Art and Architecture at Brown University. But her passion for Architecture won over her earlier desire to become a professor of Art History. She headed to the University of Miami to acquire here professional Master’s Degree in Architecture.

In 2007, Natalia moved to London and worked at the prestigious design firm, Candy & Candy. A few years later, Natalia lent her talents to the Helen Green Design studio where she eventually climbed to the lofty position of Design Director.

After 14 years of working for other studios, Natalia finally put up her design firm, Natalia Miyar Atelier.

Location: London, UK

Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell is one of the most prominent Interior Designers in the United Kingdom. Her clients include the Duke and Duchess of York, former Beatle Ringo Starr, music icon Rod Stewart, and the Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge. She has twice appeared as the Guest Designer in the BBC program: DIY SOS: The Big Build.

Nina has received many awards and accolades for her work in Interior Design. In 2003, she was awarded the Royal Oak Timeless Design Award and the American Fashion Award as the “woman who has most influenced style internationally.”

Nina was also named as a Trustee of the Prince of Wales Drawing School and was appointed to the Fundraising Committee for Kids Co. She received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Middlesex in 2001.

As an author, Nina has authored 5 books on Interior Design.

Location: London, UK

Peter Mikic

Peter Mikic Interior Designer
Peter Mikic Interior Design

Originally from Australia, Peter Mikic moved to London in 1990 to pursue his dreams of becoming an Interior Designer. Not only did Peter realise his dream; he has become one of the best Interior Designers in the United Kingdom.

Peter’s contributions to the world of Interior Design have reaped several awards and accolades. Among these achievements are being included in the AD Collector Top 100, House & Garden Top 100, and in the list of Top Interior Designers of Elle Decoration.

Peter’s reputation as a top Interior Designer has hit global proportions. His list of clientele has grown international with projects that range from residential and commercial spaces, gyms and restaurants, and private jets and luxurious yachts.

Location: London, UK

Rabih Hage

Rabih Hage Interior Designer
Rabih Hage

Rabih Hage is one of the most accomplished Interior Designers in the United Kingdom. His achievements and contributions to Interior design have merited knighthood from the Chevalier de l’Ordre Nacional du Mente.

Rabih’s works have received awards and acclaim from various organizations. These awards include the Andrew Martin Interior Designer of the Year Award in 2011 and the Homes & Garden Interior Design Award in 2012.

Since 2002, Rabih has consistently been included by House & Garden and Architectural Digest in their respective lists for Top 100 Interior Designers. Winning is not new to Rabih. Even before graduating from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris La-Sienne, Rabih was winning many architectural competitions.

In 2001, Rabih opened his Interior Design studio in London. With growing demand from the United States, Rabih set up an Interior Design studio in New York last 2016.

Location: London, UK

Emma Sims-Hilditch

Emma Sims Hilditch

Emma Sims-Hilditch is the founder and Creative Director of Sims-Hilditch which she grew from a one-woman operation into a team of more than 20 professionals at Wiltshire offering Interior Design services to local and international clients.

Emma’s history is rich in art and Interior Design. She is the great grand-daughter of a Royal Academician painter and the daughter of a prominent Interior Decorator.

After completing her degree in Business, Emma pursued a career in film production working alongside luminaries such as Ridley Scott. During her time in the film industry, Emma decided to follow her passion for art and design and began the groundwork for her Interior Design business.

From designing curtains and soft furnishings, Emma was soon besieged with offers to take on full-scale Interior Design projects. In 2009, Emma launched her Interior Design studio which offered services for Interior Architecture, Interior Design, and Project Management.

Location: Gloucestershire, UK

Transforming your home into an oasis that makes you feel good is a worthy pursuit that can have so many positive benefits to your lifestyle.

“Beauty will save the world”, said Fyodor Dostoevsky. And creating beautiful interiors for yourself and your family to indulge is a step towards a new lifestyle.

If you’re considering renovating or redecorating, get in touch with one of the above Interior Designers and watch your home transform in its beauty, value and feel.

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