21 Of The Top Carpet Brands In Ireland And The UK

Choosing the right carpet for your home or office can mean the difference between so-so and sophistication.

More than just an eye-catching accent on style and design, your choice of carpet can enhance your room’s level of warmth and comfort.

It can add a feeling of luxury to a room and transform and enhance your interior, whether in your home or commercial premises.

As part of your research into carpet, you’ll no doubt be wondering, “What carpet brand is the best?”

Determining the best is subjective of course, but we’ve created this list of the top carpet brands in Ireland and the UK for you to investigate further.

These carpet manufacturers offer top quality carpets either for retail, wholesale or both, and their reputations in the industry have been forged through delivering quality carpets over many years.

Carpet Brands

As flooring specialists in Dublin, we source carpets from these expert manufacturers for our residential and commercial clients as well as when working with Interior Designers, Architects, Property Developers and high-end Home Builders.

We’re proud to recommend the following carpet brands…

Vaidas Mockus

Vaidas Mockus
Owner, Deco Designs.

Cormar Carpet Company

Cormar Carpets

Cormar Carpets was previously known as Greenwood & Coope when it was a supplier of textiles in the early 1920s. When tufted carpets became popular, Greenwood & Coope became carpet manufacturers. Neville Cormar changed its name to Cormar Carpets in 1956.

Today, Cormar Carpets has been manufacturing fine quality carpets in its 2 Lancashire mills – Brookhouse in Greenmount and Holme in Ramsbottom.

The company has won many industry awards. In 1990, Cormar Carpets won the Best Floor Covering Award at the Harrogate Flooring Exhibition. In 2010, the company won its 12th straight Carpet Supplier of the Year award from Flooring One.

Cormar Carpets offers four types of carpets.

Easy Clean Twist which is stain-resistant and ideal for families that own pets. Soft Deep Pile – a more luxurious type that is soft to the touch. Wool Twist which is a type of carpet that is more durable and suited for different areas of the home.

The fourth type is Wool Loop which gives you the feel of high-quality textured carpet.

Location: Greater Manchester, UK

Fibre Flooring


Fibre is a carpet manufacturing company in the UK which specialises in using natural materials for its products. Whether for your home or office, Fibre has the style to suit your design sensibilities and functional needs.

You can choose from a wide variety of natural materials for your carpet. The company’s inventory includes beautiful, elegant, but tough and durable materials such as wool, sisal, sea grass to the company’s innovative fauXsal.

FauXsal is made of natural materials that give the carpet the look and feel of sisal. Compared to other types of natural carpet, fauXsal is easier to maintain and can be cleaned with the use of bleach.

Location: Loddiswell, UK

Cavalier Carpets

Cavalier Carpets

Cavalier Carpets has been a leading manufacturer of carpet in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Tony Timpson in 1972. The company manufactures carpet for home and commercial use.

Carpet that is produced for home used is made from either wool or polypropylene. For commercial use, Cavalier manufactures carpet made from wool, polypropylene, and polyester. The company believes these materials offer their clients the best in durability, comfort, and aesthetics.

Cavalier Carpets has an impressive portfolio of clients that includes Celtic Manor Golf Club, Chelsea F.C., Nimax Theatres, Manchester United F.C., Premiere Inn, Park Regis Hotel Birmingham, Shearings Hotels, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Fairline Boats, Genting Casinos, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Berkeley Homes, and Audley Retirement.

Location: Lancashire, UK

Alternative Flooring

Alternative Flooring

Alternative Flooring is a carpet manufacturer in the U.K that specialises in luxurious carpet styles. The company is known for producing beautiful, sophisticated-looking, and highly-durable carpet from natural materials such as seagrass, sisal, jute, coir, and wool.

The company has collaborated with the best designers in the world including Ashley Hicks, Ben Pentreath, Ella Doran, Margo Selby, and the iconic Lucienne Day.

True to its name, Alternative Flooring is known for its line of Quirky B carpets. Quirky B features the designs of Pentreath, Selby, and Hicks who have taken patterns and texture to whole, new, different level that is unique only to Alternative Flooring.

The company has won several prestigious awards in the carpet industry including the 2019 Best Residential Flatweave from International Wool Carpet & Rug, 2019 Best Wool Carpet from International Wool Carpet & Rug, 2019 Flooring Innovation Gold Winner, 2019 Best Surface Design from Homes & Garden, and the 2019 Design Guild Mark Award for 2D Design just to name a few.

Location: Hampshire, UK

Thomas Witter Carpets

Thomas Witter Carpets is one of the oldest carpet manufacturers in the United Kingdom. The multi-awarded company is a popular supplier of fine carpet for many independent carpet retailers.

The company produces carpet to fit different designs, functions, and budgets. There are over 320 colours and styles to choose from that range from entry-level to luxurious Berbers in British Wool.

Thomas Witter Carpets takes pride in the durability of their carpets that each product comes with a “Manufacturer’s Wear Guarantee”. The company maintains that they only use the best quality yarns and materials to make their carpets.

The company has a diverse line of carpets – Urban Collection, Innovation and Discovery, and Empire Collection – that are designed to meet individual tastes and preferences.

Location: Hartlepool, UK

Hugh Mackay Carpets

Hugh Mackay

Hugh Mackay is one of the oldest manufacturers of fine carpet in the United Kingdom.  Since Hugh Mackay started his namesake company in 1903, it has continued to grow as  one of the trusted carpet brands in the industry.

The company manufactures carpets and floorings for the residential and commercial markets in the U.K and Ireland. Hugh Mackay also accepts customized designs. Clients have the option of presenting an original one or choosing an existing design from the company’s Design It brand and having it re-coloured.

In addition to Axeminster, Tufted, and Design It, Hugh Mackay also offers its clients 2 new product lines: HandMade and HassleFree carpets.

In 2006, Hugh Mackay Carpets was acquired by Whitestone Weavers.

Location: Hartlepool, UK


IVC Carpet

IVC was founded in 1997 and has grown to become one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of carpet tiles. In 2015, the company was acquired by Mohawk Industries, Inc. which has been a global market leader in carpet and various types of flooring materials for more than 130 years.

IVC is focused on providing fine quality carpet and flooring styles to the commercial sector. The company has been a popular supplier to a wide variety of industries such as retail, hospitality and leisure, education, healthcare, and property development.

Location: Derby, UK



Danfloor has been manufacturing carpets since 1973. Operating under the Ulster Group, Danfloor produces carpets for various commercial sectors including healthcare, education, leisure and entertainment.

Danfloor’s clients include New Lodge Homes, Millfield School, Brio Retirement Living, Foxhunters, Sherborne Girls School, Southbank International School, Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Marland School, Chocolate Care Works Village, and the Montpelier Manor just to name a few.

The key to the company’s success is its willingness to invest in research and development. Danfloor continues to find ways to produce the most durable carpets without sacrificing aesthetics.

Danfloor has developed innovations that has improved the quality of yarn and streamlined manufacturing processes for faster production.

Location: Bristol, UK

Brinton Carpets


Brintons has a 230-year history of manufacturing woven carpets. It was founded by William Brinton in 1783.

Given its rich history, Brintons has grown to become a global leader in carpet making. Its clients include hotels, palaces, restaurants, public buildings, airports, cruise ships, and convention centres.

Brintons’ carpets are highly durable without sacrificing aesthetic elegance. The company employs a global team of designers and regularly collaborates with award-winning designers for its Axeminster carpets.

If you have 1,000m of floor space that you want carpeted, sign up for Brintons’ Ready-to-Weave service. You can choose from more than a hundred design patterns. Brintons is ready to turn your design concept into the carpet style that fits your vision.

In 2017, Argand Partners acquired Brintons.

Location: London, UK

Axminster Carpets

Although Harry Dutfield started Axminster Carpets in 1937, the company has more than 250 years of carpet-making experience.

You can find Axminster carpets in the most elegant royal residences, 5-star hotels all over the world, as well as transportation as diverse as aircraft and train carriages.

Of course, many residential homes trust only Axminster for its carpeting needs.

Axminster gives customers a wide range of carpet styles to meet their individual design sensibilities, intended functions, and budget. Presently, the company offers 30 products that cover just about every style and available in 12 colours.

The company has a fantastic line of bespoke carpets, ready-to-weave customisable designs as well as stocked products for every home or office.

Location: Axminster, UK

Tapi Carpets

TAPI carpets

The Harris family has been in the business of manufacturing carpets and other types of flooring for more than 200 years. In 2013, third-generation Martin Harris decided to showcase the family’s carpet-making expertise by establishing Tapi Carpets.

At Tapi Carpets, clients can have customized carpets designed by the company’s team of professionals and technicians who know the Harris approach to making carpets.

Tapi Carpets produces different types of carpet – woven, twist, Saxony, wool blend, and loop pile. The carpets are not only elegant but durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

Whether you are looking for a carpet for the home or office, Tapi has designs that fit any room and meet the intended function.

Location: Shrewsbury, UK



Newhey was founded by Anthony Whitehead in 1968. With more than 50 years in the industry, Newhey has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of fine quality carpets in the United Kingdom.

What sets Newhey apart from its competitors is that the company has always invested in the latest technologies and techniques to produce beautiful but durable carpets for its global market.

Among the new technologies that have been incorporated in Newhey’s carpet manufacturing process include Colortec, a machine that produces tufted carpets in high speed.

Newhey has amassed an impressive portfolio of clientele such as Boulevard Hotel, Richmond Hill Hotel, Burnham Beeches Hotel, Ten Hill Palace Hotel, Kimpton de Witt, and Crowne Plaza, to name a few.

Location: Manchester, England

Adam Carpets

Adam Carpets

Adam Carpets has a long history in the carpet manufacturing industry. In 1869, the Adam and Tomlinson families decided to get into the carpet-making business. They decide to establish Adam Carpets in 1926 at Kidderminster which remains open today.

The company has achieved several milestones during its storied history. In 1992, it became the first UK carpet manufacturing company to produce 5m broadloom materials. In 1999, it started to manufacture overtufted, wool tufted, and patterned carpets.

Adam Carpets has won many awards in the industry such as the Silver Award from House Beautiful in 2014, Outstanding Performance from Interiors Monthly in 2014, and Best UK Flooring Manufacturer from Interior Monthly in 2015.

Location: Kidderminster, UK

Bristol Carpets

Bristol Carpet

Bristol Carpets is a family-owned business that has been manufacturing fine quality carpets in the UK for more than 50 years. The company offers a wide range of carpet styles that fit the design you have in mind for your home or workplace.

If you’re looking for wool carpets, Bristol Carpets is the place to go to. The company offers a variety of wool carpets that fit your budget and design needs.

Bristol Carpets also carries a line of Sedna carpets – a type of broadloom carpet made from nylon that has been repurposed from the nets which trap marine life under the sea. Sedna carpets are soft, durable, yet have a luxurious appeal. Sedna is categorised as “Vegan Carpeting”.

Consistency is the key Bristol Carpets’ success. The company has had the same fitters working for them the last several years. You can be assured that your choice of carpet will be precision-fitted and installed by Bristol’s carpet technicians.

Location: Bristol, UK

Westex Carpets

Westex Carpets

Westex Carpets has its origins rooted in the sheep farming industry of West Yorkshire. Thus, carpet manufacturing was a natural transition for the company.

Westex Carpets has been making premium-grade carpet for more than 35 years. The company specialises in manufacturing 100% wool carpets and 80/20 wool/nylon carpets.

Over the last few years, Westex Carpets has invested in the business and built 3 manufacturing hubs to guarantee its customers high quality workmanship, a more diverse product line, and access to its proprietary special dye service.

Westex Carpets are moth-proof, treated to prevent dust mite infestation, and durable enough to prevent pile reversal.

Location: West Yorkshire, UK

Heckmondwick FB


Operating from the same location in West Yorkshire, Heckmondwicke has been manufacturing high quality, durable, and elegant fibre-bonded carpets and carpet tiles for more than 50 years.

Heckmondwicke’s carpets have been the flooring material of choice of many schools, offices, retailers, architects, and property developers.

Heckmondwicke is known as an innovator in the carpet manufacturing industry. In 1967, the company introduced the anti-fray and anti-ravel fibre-bonded carpet, Iron Duke. This was followed by the release of Supacord in 1973; a type of carpet that has been popular with schools.

Supacord was followed by Broadrib which featured a wider rib section; Hobnail, a type of fibre-bonded carpet with diamond-effect texture, and Wellington Velour which was designed for high-traffic areas.

Heckmondwick also carries a line of tufted carpets.

Location: West Yorkshire, UK

Penthouse Carpets

Penthouse Carpets

Penthouse Carpets was founded by John Hawker more than 40 years ago. The company is long regarded as a pioneer in carpet and textiles in the United Kingdom.

To ensure customers of consistent quality of products, Penthouse Carpets have offered its employees shares of the company. As part-owners of the business, everyone is committed to giving 100% effort in manufacturing the best wool carpets in the business.

The company is also invested in finding the best innovations to improve their carpet-making process. Penthouse Carpets continues to upgrade the technologies and machineries found in its carpet manufacturing facility in Rochdale.

Penthouse Carpets also believes in protecting the environment. For its carpet underlay, Penthouse Carpets uses EcoFelt. This is an eco-friendly underlay that is made from carpet fibre waste.

Location: Lancashire, UK

Elements London

Elements london

Elements London has been in the carpet-making business since 2008. More than a decade later, the company has continued to build a solid reputation for producing top quality products and services. Elements London currently holds a 5-star rating in Google Reviews.

Elements London has made a name for becoming innovators in carpet manufacturing. The company takes pride in calling the team “designers” who are in a relentless pursuit in finding the best materials for carpeting all over the world.

There is also a strong advocacy for using eco-friendly processes in manufacturing carpets. Elements London has set up supply arrangements with Wools of New Zealand, a company that produces 100% natural fibre.

Elements London also uses a type of carpet backing known as Ceneva which is made of Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (VAE), a substance that is not hazardous to the environment.

Location: London, UK

Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets

George Walter Wilson established Ulster Carpets in 1938 in Portadown. To date, the company is still owned by George’s family.

Ulster Carpets has grown with the times. It has maintained the traditional techniques of carpet making but the new generation has incorporated the latest technological advances to improve output and streamline processing costs.

One of Ulster Carpets’ innovations is the use of PSYLO, a type of technology that makes it possible for the company to produce designs without repeating the same patterns.

As a result, Ulster Carpets’ products are more durable and available with varied design possibilities.

Location: Portadown, Northern Ireland



Tretford Carpet has been manufacturing carpets since the 1950’s. It is a family business that has always looked for ways to make world class, fine quality carpets without damaging the environment.

Tretford manufactures ribbed wool carpets made from materials that were sourced from sustainable relationships fostered with farmers over the last five decades.

Interestingly, the wool used for Tretford carpets came from goats sourced from Inner Mongolia. The manufacturers found that the wool from Inner Mongolia sheep were more straight than curly and resulted to a more durable product.

Tretford’s natural wool carpets have been discovered to improve acoustics and air quality in the room and contribute to energy savings. The carpet roll will not rot, warp, peel, or flake. As proof of its quality, Tretford carpets have a five-year Wear Warranty.

Location: Waterford County, Ireland

Dixon Carpet Company

Michael Dixon started the Dixon Carpet Company in 1957. The feel of the company’s hand-tufted carpets have been described as if one was “walking on clouds”.

One of the reasons for the company’s continued success is that many of their pioneer employees have remained and have passed on the tradition of making hand-tufted carpets to the new generation of carpet-makers.

The Dixon Carpet Company also offers other fine quality carpet products that are made from linen, linen/wool, and wool/silk.

Among the company’s illustrious clients include the Dorchester Hotel in London, the Four Seasons Hotel in Saudi Arabia, many privately-owned yachts and Boeing 747’s, Irish and American embassies around the world.

Location: Galway County, Ireland

Wrap Up

Just like choosing a handbag (ladies) or a new car (guys), the brand of carpet or flooring you choose is more than just a name. It’s a feeling, it’s an image, and it’s a representation of the quality of the product you’re considering purchasing.

The old saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is as relevant for carpet and flooring as it is for any other product.

I hope you’ve discovered a brand that resonates with you or that perhaps you’d like to research further.

At Deco Designs, we’re one of the top flooring contractors in Dublin thanks to aligning ourselves with the top carpet brands and manufacturers to deliver the highest quality carpets and flooring to our customers within their budget.

Get in touch if you’d like advice or a quote for carpet or other flooring type for your home or business.

Vaidas Mockus

Vaidas Mockus
Owner, Deco Designs Dublin.