Deco Designs specialises in professional carpet binding including Narrow binding.

Narrow binding is a thin edge sewn around a piece of carpet to create a beautiful border for aesthetic and practical purposes to turn a piece of carpet into an area rug.

We can narrow bind your carpet with one of the two following methods…

Quickstep (Stitching Effect)

Quickstep involves a carpet edging tape of 22 mm in a yarn type look (consisting of 32% cotton, 68% polyester), and offers great versatility and quality.

The inside and outside corners, curves and transitions or graduations can be handled very well providing you with quality, durable edging for your new area rug.

We offer a large range of 115 colours to choose from!

FLeece (Polyester Tape)

Fleece involves a durable polyester tape as the perfect edging for heavily used rugs or carpet runners in hallways and on stairs.

Fleece is available in 27 colours.

Binding vs Serging vs Overlocking

Binding is a term used globally to describe the edging of carpet while ‘serging’ and ‘overlocking’ are American terms used to describe essentially the same process.

Binding is similar to serging with the difference being that serging involves one continuous piece of yarn that is sewn around the edge of the carpet.

Binding is the more popular option as serging is often compared to the look of stitching you’d see inside an item of clothing.

If you have carpet offcuts or carpet remnants, binding is the perfect option to turn it into an area rug for a fraction of the cost of a new rug.


To have your carpet narrow bound, cost varies on the size and style in which you’d like to have your carpet bound.

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For domestic and commercial binding, as well as flooring, we guarantee value, quality and reliable service.

Our expert commercial carpet binding in Dublin will have your carpet offcuts turned into beautiful area rugs for your office in no time.

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