If you’d like to keep carpet edges from fraying, border tape is the answer.

Border Tape is a professional edging sewn around the edge of carpet to give your carpet offcuts and remnants a finished-look. The process is known as Carpet Binding.

You can turn any piece of carpet into an area rug thanks to border tape.

Deco Designs specialises in professional carpet binding for your carpet offcuts and remnants.

Choose from a wide range of colours and styles (shown below). We can handle any size or shape of carpet pieces, the only limit is your imagination.

Whether it’s domestic carpet binding or commercial carpet binding, we can help you make the most of those additional carpet offcuts lying around by turning them into beautiful area rugs.

Your new area rug can be used in almost any room of your home or office, such as…

Bedrooms – place in common walking areas such as entryway and each side of the bed.

Dining Room – place beneath the dining table and chairs to protect the floor covering underneath, whether it’s carpet, wood, vinyl or otherwise.

Lounge Room – place underneath a coffee table to protect the floor covering underneath from the weight of the table, or place in front of the sofa where foot traffic is highest and perhaps even dirty shoes.

Kitchen – place at the sink as a warm rug to stand on while washing dishes or doing food prep.

Entryway and Hallway – high foot traffic areas are the best places for area rugs to be placed in order to protect and preserve the flooring underneath from damage due to overuse. It can also be used to wipe dirty shoes before entering the house.

Office – area rugs can be used in a commercial environment just as they would in a domestic environment. Place underneath furniture, in high-foot-traffic areas and underneath chairs and desks to protect the floor surface underneath.

Collection of Border Tapes

We have collection of various types of Border Tapes with hundreds of color choices, many of the most popular are shown below.

Cotton Border Tapes

Cotton Border Tape Charcoal


Cotton Border Tape Sandstone


Cotton Border Tape Storm Blue

Storm Blue

Herringbone Border Tapes

Herringbone Border Tape Conker


Herringbone Border Tape Graphite


Herringbone Border Tape Olive


Herringbone Border Tape Birch


Herringbone Border Tape Duck Egg

Duck Egg

Herringbone Border Tape Tan


Ohio Border Tapes

Border Tapes Black


Border Tapes Blue


Border Tapes Bordeux


Border Tapes Brown


Border Tapes Copper


Border Tapes Green


Border Tapes Light Grey

Light Grey

Border Tapes Russet


Border Tapes Sand