Deco Designs are your specialists for commercial carpet binding in Dublin whether you’re on the north, south, east or west side of the city.

Our carpet binding services include wide cotton border binding as well as narrow binding and nylon binding to give your carpet edging the right look.

Choose from hundreds of carpet edging colours, styles and borders to create mats, stair runners or make the most of surplus carpet.

You can create your own personalised, custom rug to change the look and feel of any room or space in your office.

No matter the size or shape of your carpet, with our carpet whipping and binding options, you can transform a piece of carpet into a modern, gorgeous rug to enhance any space in your business premises.

Binding Fabrics

Binding can be completed with a variety of fabrics such as Cotton, Cotton Herringbone, Synthetic and Linen.

Our range of European tapestry and fabric bindings give you several options to choose from to bind your carpet to make an area rug.

Binding Styles

We offer three carpet binding styles to choose from including…

Quickstep (Stitching Effect) – This method involves a carpet edging tape of 22 mm in a yarn type look (consisting of 32% cotton, 68% polyester), and offers great versatility and quality.

FLeece (Polyester Tape) – This method involves a durable polyester tape as the perfect edging for heavily used rugs or carpet runners in hallways and on stairs.

Wide Tape Border Binding – Using a variety of fabrics including synthetic, Cotton, Cotton herringbone, or linen.

Bespoke Binding

Choose from a wide range of colours and styles to bring a piece of carpet to life.

We can customise any size or shape of carpet pieces to get the ideal bespoke rug for your business or home.

Carpet binding is the perfect way to prevent carpet edges from fraying, and it extends the life of your carpet.

It’s a great option to turn a piece of carpet or carpet remnants into a beautiful area rug.

For specialist commercial carpet binding in Dublin, talk to our experts today.


We offer various of type solutions to binding edges. With hundreds of colour choices, we guarantee to cover every possible carpet need in the market.

Domestic Carpet Binding


All carpets are cut to required sizes and edges are straightened to ensure a perfect finish.

Binding Services

With our binding solutions we provide fast, quality service. Normal turnaround times range from two to four working days.

Delivery Services

Delivery and collection services available on request. T&Cs apply.


Our narrow binding costs €1.5 per foot or €5 per metre.

Carpet Binding for Businesses In Dublin and Ireland

Deco Designs (formerly Elite Binding), has many years of experience and currently works with both individuals and businesses, such as carpet retailers, wholesales, fitters and interior designers.

We are well-known for providing prompt, quality service. Request samples and price list.