Deco Designs™ is a specialist flooring studio based in Dublin that takes great pride in offering the most luxurious service and latest and greatest products ‘on trend’ for its customers.

Deco Designs™ was first established in 2016 by Vaidas Mockus, Managing Director, who is an expert in the flooring industry and has more than 14 years of experience in supplying and fitting high-quality flooring.

Deco Designs™ caters to both the residential and commercial markets and is committed to working with professionals within the construction industry, architects, interior designers, property developers, and contractors as well as retailers and hoteliers.

Deco Designs™ hope to launch new features in the coming year to the industry and hopes to expand its presence in Ireland.

Our Mission

The mission of The Deco Designs™ Studio is to be one of Ireland’s leading producers and providers of premium flooring and offer a unique and fulfilling customer experience.

Our Vision

To grow our business and brand efficiently and sustainably to be recognized internationally, while positively impacting people’s lives in the local community and within our organization.

Our Values

At Deco Designs™ we value an honest approach and hard work. Delivering excellence defines what we stand for and how we do things. Customer satisfaction and Innovation are at the core of this company.

Vaidas Mockus Flooring Expert

Vaidas Mockus, Deco Designs Owner

Vaidas Mockus

Vaidas worked for a large flooring company in Dublin but became increasingly frustrated with the disconnect between what the customer wanted and the flooring products that were sold, and the lack of genuine care they received throughout their experience.

This frustration turned into a strong motivation to innovate the flooring industry. His studio is now established as one of Ireland’s leading producers and providers of premium flooring and unique customer experience, with an impressive portfolio of projects.

Vaidas works from his studio in Dublin where, together with his team, he offers an approachable and talented team with a completely personalized service tailored to each and every project.

Vaida’s philosophy is to take the requirements and personality of the client, and the context of the building, and help to turn those into a unique and stunningly space. His goal is to deliver projects that are aesthetically exciting – whilst providing the functionality required by users of the space.

Here’s a feature story in the Express UK Newspaper about the rise in popularity of Carpet with quotes from Deco Designs Founder, Vaidas Mockus.

Express UK Newspaper article

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