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Vaidas Mockus founded Deco Designs Ltd in 2016 after many years working in the flooring industry.

Gaining knowledge and experience working for the largest flooring retailer in Ireland for more than a decade, and achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Management provided him with a solid foundation to launch his own business.

Always seeing himself as entrepreneur with a clear vision in mind, Vaidas decided to start his own brand and has never looked back.

Being in the industry for so long and seeing all the flaws (pun intended!), Vaidas’s goal is to lead by example.

Deco Designs is now a highly sought after flooring company in Dublin and across Ireland.

Providing exceptional products and even better service, our customers keep coming back as well as referring us to their friends and business associates.

Vaidas truly believes that he can impact people’s lives through business by committing to serve others in an honest and transparent approach.

He has a passion for bringing new ideas and delivering quality flooring in to homes, businesses and events throughout Ireland.

Vaidas and the Deco Designs team look forward to serving you with all your flooring needs.

Our Mission

Deco Designs is committed to providing exceptional flooring products and superior service. With our strong work ethic, honesty and transparency we seek to exceed expectations and lead the flooring industry by example.

Our Vision

To grow our business and brand efficiently and sustainably to be recognised internationally, while positively impacting people’s lives in the local community and within our organisation.

Our Values

• Hard work
• Customer orientated
• Committed to excellence
• Honest approach
• Innovation and development

Vaidas Mockus Flooring Expert

Vaidas Mockus, Deco Designs Owner

A Bit More About Vaidas…

In life and in business, Vaidas is driven by honesty, respect, hard work, innovation and service to others.

Vaidas appreciates the value of the local community and how people can work together for the betterment of the community as a whole as well as their individual families.

After studying locally in Dublin, Vaidas began working for a large flooring company in Dublin, but became increasing frustrated with the disconnect between what the customer wanted and the flooring products they were sold, and the lack of genuine care they received throughout their experience.

This frustration turned into a strong motivation and personal mission to deliver on every aspect of the customer journey, offering quality products he believes in and keeping the customer involved and engaged to ensure they get the best flooring at the best price, and installed on-time as promised.

With a young family, Vaidas is committed more than even to help people create a beautiful home environment by offering quality flooring products that match the customer’s home décor, architecture, floor plan and of course, each family’s personal tastes and preferences.

And for businesses, Vaidas understands the importance of the presentation of a brand and how it can influence customer perception as well as their staff’s working environment, moral and productivity.

Vaidas is on a mission to beautify Dublin interiors… one floor at a time!

When he’s not working you’ll find Vaidas most of the weekend on the beach Surfing/Kite Surfing. He also keeps himself busy with Managing/Sponsoring a local basketball team and playing for them as the Captain.

Here’s a feature story in the Express UK Newspaper about the rise in popularity of Carpet with quotes from Deco Designs Founder, Vaidas Mockus…

Express UK Newspaper article

Visit our flooring store in Dublin at Western Parkway Business Park, Ballymount to look, touch and test our flooring products.

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